10 - Ethereum


  1. to speed up PoW
    • use dedicated hardware that is ASICS
  2. What Bitcoin names as stale blocks can matter in Ethereum as
    • ommers


  • important mathematician that cracked the Enigma machine in 1939 and then in 1942
  • he was a genius
  • inventor of Turing machine
    • theoretical
      • it can model any computer nowadays
    • it consists of:
      • a line of cells that can be moved back and forth (tape)
      • an active element with a state (head) that can chenage the properti (color) of the active cell underneath it
  • halting problem


  • If a computing language is not Turing-complete, it can solve only a subset of problems that other Turing-complete languages can do
  • examples TC: C, Java, Python…
  • examples TNC: SQL, HTML, CSS and Script


properties and limitations:

  • Lack of Turing completeness
    • No loops
  • Value blindness
    • No way for an UTXO script to provide fine-granular control over the amount to be withdrawn
      • Because UTXOs are “all or nothing”
  • Lack of state
    • UTXOs are either spent, or unspent
      • No half-spent, on-the-way, conditionally accepted…
  • Blockchain-blindness
    • UTXOs are unaware of the block they are in, the timestamp, the previous block hash, …

Withdrawal limits are not possible with Script