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  • Introduction Do I even know where I found the time to get involved with Linux Day this year? It has been an unique experience, as every event I partecipate. I mean, I’ve been really busy this period with stuff and things to do… but, after all, I have found some time to share my experience. Ladies and gentleman, I’m glad to present… Disconnected! Before proceeding: this talk is in Italian. Perhaps, I am going to write down a transcript in English.
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  • After some time I finally return in my blog to write some stuff! So, any of my readers know Flutter? Flutter is a wonderful framework (which is a group of libraries and tools to build used by programmers to build application in a easier and faster way), developed by Google starting from 2017, open source which let you build cross-platform application between Android and iOS using just one code written in Dart.
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  • Finally the day has come: Linux Day 2020! I could imagine a lot of people who gathers and…haha, nice joke! This time, Linux Day 2020 has been strange: first of all because it wasn’t attended in presence but online, and every talk has been recorded. On one hand this thing is so useful: to have something recorded is always a good idea, especially when we talk about small projects where, very often, the documentation about that project doesn’t exist or it is poor.
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  • 30th March 2019. An important date to me: the first event where I was physically present in Mozilla Italia Community! I took part at Terni Maker Festival, an innovation and technology festival, as a speaker with Simone, on Mozilla IoT. After a long (not really) trip in a Trenitalia vagon (Trenitalia is an Italian railway company) with some random British English people I never met before but they made me laugh, the day started with me receiving the official Firefox T-Shirt.
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