Even though most of the time I’m on Github, so you can publicly know what I am doing and what I’ve discovered , I will list some of my projects here!

Don’t forget to drop me an email if you’re curious or you’d like to ask me something in particular!

Getting Started with the web (in Italian)
a translated article about getting started with web – only GitHub’s organizational issue is available now
yafs – yet another flutter shop
a simple shop made with flutter; it calls a fake api made for fake shops (
simple game that uses your voice and Deepspeech, a STT engine. It works in italian
yes, I am a chiptune artist, even if I don’t publish often my tracks
how to learn to program on NES in an easy way (by nesdoug, I am simply the man who republished it in a comfortable way).

An unfinished fanmade theme for Firefox of the coolest game ever: Jet Set Radio (click here if you never heard about it)