• Here I am again. Another time, my website has been revamped.
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  • My proposals for 2024, shared with Santa Claus.
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  • Plastic Dreams From Another World: cosa ne penso Arkavoid è un progetto di Davide Panetta (al basso) che attinge direttamente dalla cultura synth anni 80 e la ripropone in chiave moderna. Il genere è conosciuto come synthwave. Plastic Dreams From Another World é il primo album di questo progetto. Copertina La copertina é molto bella da fuori, ricca di dettagli e colori. Non rispecchia pienamente i brani dell’album, dá una specie di anteprima sull’effettivo contenuto.
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  • This small guide aims to become the main guide for all those who would like to play Touhou Project (abbreviated as TH), but don’t know where to start and how to set up the right emulator. Note that I only tested this guide on an Anbernic portable console (I told you about it in another article) precisely because I wanted to test how comfortable it actually was play it and because there isn’t much material online, neither in English nor in Italian.
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  • How I got back into traveling old video game glories through a simple little and half-known console.
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  • New year, new website? Hi everyone. Hope you had a good time with your family or friends on New Year’s Eve. The act of starting something means hard commitment and sacrifice in our lives. Maybe not, if you like what you’re doing, but most of the time, if you are not following just one topic at time, you will have plenty of things to do. Well, when I’ve started this blog, I planned to just have a personal space.
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  • Garr Academy The beginning It all started with a dear friend of mine who sent me this link regarding a never heard before ‘Garr Academy’. Who’s Garr? Well, I knew Garr because when I was a child I used to download Ubuntu from the closest mirror to me… which belonged (and still belongs) to Garr. So, it is a very cute story to tell, but yes, I knew Garr for years.
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  • RLJ3 Did you miss me? Me too. Me neither. It depends. This is another issue of your favorite Journal, full of links, things to see, things to watch, and… let’s go! Introduction Planning is the key. But I hate planning. I wrote some months ago “I will have some spare time this summer. I’d like to plan some articles until the end of this year”. Hehe, joking. When I started RLJ3 was in June, and I still had many things to do.
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  • I am a proud user of xfce4, it is my favorite DE: clean, highly customizable, and without too much fancy stuff. It does its job. However, I could save some time by having certain customization (zsh for example), and making it more beautiful looking: having a system which is eye-candy for eyes, at least this work for me, let me be more productive. Mac-look-a-like Mac: theming XFCE Ever dreamed about having a Mac?
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