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Welcome to the homepage of
Dag7Damiano Gualandri or simply dag
, a backend programmer and devops doing a lot of stuff in his life.

He doesn't like to keep himself bored. When not collecting old videogames, his interests include but are not limited to: electronic music, casual photo shooting, writing, watching movies, playing board games and videogames, reading books, meeting people (usually friends).

He's not a frontend developer: that's why this page is styled in its best of its possibilities.

Notes for HR: if you are reading this, this webpage aims to be an extended version of his CV.

Quick Links: Gallery - Music - Notes - Github - Cooking Blog
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I'm a chiptune composer and a gamer too, sometimes I broadcast for my friends and family, and I have fun on Twitch.

Who I am

This section is specifically for HR. Feel free to take a look.

Curriculum Vitae


2023 - present Master's Degree in Computer Science Topics: Machine Learning & AI, Biometrics Systems, Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers..

Work Experience

2023 - present Backend Developer & Devops Backend: Django, internal tools.
DevOps & infrastructure: Ansible and Zabbix

2022 - 2023 Devops & Technical Support Engineer Backend: Django, internal tools.
DevOps & infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible.

2018 - 2019 Backend Backend: PHP, internal tools.

Main works

Studying new things, or doing something he really likes it, usually leads to build something new. He tries to mantain his projects, as long as he can.


  • vimeops a simple import/export command line tool for your vimeo account
  • drfx-django4 a framework for launching new Django Rest Framework projects quickly. Updated for Django 4.
  • lazypiano tool to play songs in an easy way, by transforming each chord in the song into the best shape of that chord to make you switch between each chord without stress and fatigue.
  • chi vuol essere nintendaro a website created just for fun to answer the question "what Nintendo DS is it perfect for me?". Developed in a couple of hours.
  • venerdibenessere.it website created to embrace the tranquillity of Friday, to mentally prepare people to weekend, in terms of work productivity.
  • ansible devkitpro role to install on your own machine devkits for console development in a much easier way
  • GBDev since 2021, I have developed some routes in the backend and some scrapers to create the Homebrew Hub, a huge database with tons of homebrews and games for your Game Boy.


  • Stufftrack tracker for your stuff (implemented: books and videogames). University project.
  • Magic startup sh magic script which setup an arch pc for the first time.
  • MozItaReBot MozillaItalia official Telegram Bot.


  • JSQuizee a simple JS engine for your quizzes (client-side only).
  • UniQuizzes custom implementation of JSQuizee
  • DBHelper tool to better understand databases. It calculates 3NF, minimal coverage, primary keys and does other interesting calculations.


  • Risc V Exercises this was the only place in 2020 where to find exercises in Risc V.

Past works

2020 yafs-flutter-shop simple shop made in material design using Flutter Web. It uses FakeStoreAPI.
2020 another-one-the-game simple game that uses Deepspeech. It works in italian. You should answer to questions giving a wrong answer by saying it loud.
2020 Architecture Helper Java tool to draw assembly pipeline of a CPU, calculate hit and miss cache, tlb calc
2020 nesdoug-nes-guide Nesdoug's noob-proof and easy guide on how to program on the Nintendo NES. Created a more convenient and comfortable way to browse and read it.
2019 GitNarwhal WIP Cross-platform git client for Windows and Linux. Development seems to have stopped due to lack of time and interests, although a PoC has been developed.
2019 MastermindJS Mastermind adaption in JavaScript. School project.

Unreleased stuff (to public)

2023 Anonyfans Exprime yourself in an anonymous way with this brand new social. University project.
2023 JJBot Telegram bot to manage queue in a webradio. Commissioned by a friend of mine.
2023 Project ADT an infrastructure to send reports during red and blue team, in order to evaluates in a better way the score during the cyber challenges.
2022 Rating Sapienza app extension to let you review courses. University project.
2020 Plague Inc Sapienza epidemic simulator inspired to Plague Inc. University project.
2020 Flippio unreleased game for Android, inspired to Voltorb Flip minigame
2019 GitNarwhal WIP Cross-platform git client for Windows and Linux. Development seems to have stopped due to lack of time and interests, although a PoC has been developed.

Other things I have done

  • CV Project Organizer: beta contest and final contest (in April)
  • Common Voice App Beta Tester: beta tester for the application "CV Android", which helps user to contribute to Common Voice Project
  • ZeroRobotics: as member s2016-2017, as leader s2017-2018 and s2018-2019, team Nova Numen
  • CoderDojo SPQR: Junior Mentor in 2017, Senior Mentor since 2018
  • Contributor of SSN, since 2020
  • Mozilla Volounteer and Mozilla Rep: from 2018 till 2023, he was the monthly meeting organizer, event organizer (Common Voice Sprint, Deepspeech Italian Contest, Common Voice Contest)

What I am currently doing (January 2024)

  • Practicing piano - improvising jazz is a thing
  • Practicing dnb on PSVita - I wish to release something in 2024
  • Finishing some books - in this period, "Bullet Train"
  • Playing videogames - on Nintendo Ds mostly
  • Building this website - the only thing I really miss is a simple oneline style blog, to update about my projects, thoughts and creations, which is work in progress and it will arrive a day or another
  • Working with Django to build awesome things

Wish to work more on these projects

  • Mcdonald's eCDP Project: still in beta due to failure in finding a free translation platform. I should host the strings on a private Pontoon Instance.
  • MyBacklog: started in 2023, it is a currently unfinished app to track your videogames.
  • jet-set-radio-theme Jet Set Radio Theme for Mozilla Firefox, it is abandoned since the day I submitted it. I should fix things.
  • Build my gallery, evolve this website in a way that I like
Tech events I attended
  • Linux Day 2023
  • Maker Faire 2023
  • Linux Day 2020 - speaker - Common Voice
  • Flutter Espresso 2020 - speaker - An introduction to Flutter #FromABeginnerToBeginners
  • Tim Smart Spaces Hackathon 2020 - Entry as Ronnie
  • Frascati Scienza 2020 (online)
  • Frascati Scienza 2021
  • Merge-it 2019: Mozilla Reps
  • Google Hash Code 2019
  • Terni MakerFestival 2019 - speaker
  • Maker Faire 2019
  • Linux Day 2019
  • Linux Day 2018
  • RustFest Rome 2018
  • Linux Day 2017
  • Maker Faire 2017
  • Several events as organizer for MozillaItalia, available here
Cool stuff I have done in my life, worth to mention
  • Interrail 2019: I've been to Berlin, Krakow, Warsaw, Vienna, Bratislava, Zagreb, Ljubljana
  • Have been to Malta in 2020 without getting COVID (I've been there in February)
  • Have been to gym for 3 entire months
Other contributions
  • mozitahub_bot: official bot used by the Italian community on Telegram.
    I added a feature which every time MozillaItalia's Twitter Account makes a tweet or a retweet,
    it will be forwarded on the main MozillaItalia's Channel for the updates, in this way we have stop to use another third party service.
    Additionally, in this repo I did other things as:
    • some new commands
    • refactoring and cleaning the code, making it more readable
    • beta testing
  • mozitaantispam_bot: beta tester of Telegram Mozilla Italian community Antispam bot
  • MITADS - MozillaItalia Deepspeech Model: qallme importer and TedTalks importer for dataset, reviewing some sentences for Common Voice
  • Pubblicare il tuo Sito: an article translated for Mozilla MDN


What about your old website?
It was dismissed since I was bored. Sorry about that!

Where are your articles?
Gone. But they will return somewhere, they are not lost. Legends sleep but never die.

Will you write more articles? What about publishing here on your website?
I am not sure, I wrote a lot in these years. The thing is that you need patience and enjoy what you're doing. I was enjoying the art of writing, but unfortunately I wasn't constant in publishing. Therefore, I won't publish any other new article.
I am considering the idea of integrate a little "oneline blog" where to publish my old articles and integrate it with Telegram.
To always stay up to date with my news, check Dag7 channel on Telegram
By the way, if you're interested in my writings, I am publishing articles around the web.

This webpage sucks! You should care more about yourself.
Building a visual-appealing website takes a lot of time and effort: I wasted a lot of time while doing several times my blog, over and over, tweaking styles, themes, and so on.
Honestly, I think this approach is the best.
If you're familiar, I took inspiration from this NES Pirate Multicart
Arr! 🏴‍☠️

Anything else? Questions?
Feel free to reach me here, I like to talk with people when I am not busy as usual : dag7@pm.me