Dag / Google Hash Code 2019

Created Sun, 03 Mar 2019 22:25:52 +0000 Modified Wed, 12 Jun 2024 15:39:49 +0000

Today I wanna talk about Google Hash Code 2019, my first experience in a code challenge organized by…Google!

Cool huh? Why I suddenly joined?

This all started from a great person, Aldo, who has sent in a Whatsapp group a link to this year hash code some days before the event.

I was amazed…I clicked the link: I never heard about Hash Code and this thing got me excited especially because it was organized by Google.

That was only the beginning: I started calling some people to find out how to form a team and after many tries I realized that there were some days before the challenge. Cool uh?

Finally, that day came (28th Feb), all people in my team got anxious because the precedent challenge was something definitely out of our knowledge.

The competition started from 18.30 till 22.30 “just” four intensive coding hours.

Personally, I think it was fun: working on source code with other 3 people at the same moment is not easy and see something which works when some people work together, this made me so satisfied.

This isn’t enough: we have finished writing source code too but because of the loss of time we haven’t tested… did I already said that it was “just” four hours?

What language do we used? Good question, we don’t remember! I thought even about Rust, thinking about RustFest 2018, but this is another story…

some cool swag everybody in the room