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March 30, 2019

Terni Maker Festival 2019: I was there!

Posted on March 30, 2019  •  2 minutes  • 363 words

30th March 2019.

An important date to me: the first event where I was physically present in Mozilla Italia Community!

I took part at Terni Maker Festival, an innovation and technology festival, as a speaker with Simone, on Mozilla IoT.

After a long (not really) trip in a Trenitalia vagon (Trenitalia is an Italian railway company) with some random British English people I never met before but they made me laugh, the day started with me receiving the official Firefox T-Shirt.

Wow, it’s geeky! It’s awesome!

The hacklab was fulfilled with people, mostly kids but even young guys, and it was a pleasure to talk with some of them and explain to them what else Mozilla does.

Despite kids, who have stolen all of our super-cool gadgets including some pins, we stocked up stickers and leaflets and our stand at this point looked like a battlefield!

The day still hasn’t got over! It’s 3 p.m. and…oh! It’s my turn! My first talk!

We started effectively at 3.30 p.m. due to the issue related to the network connection and because not many people came, we decided to wait a little bit (that’s not actually true, the problem it was the demo!)

It was exciting, I don’t talk often about this thing with a lot of people, but thanks to Simone and the power of the sticker we have not only spoken about Mozilla IoT but even explained what is Common Voice, another Mozilla project which you should definitely give a try

Once the talk got over, we have back to our desk to say goodbye each other and to produce a small daily report (other than talking obviously).

Some people demonstrate us which the subjects were cool while we were doing the talk but even when we were at the desk, and asked us many details on the Mozilla Browser and on Common Voice. Personally, I enjoyed so much in answering their questions!

Some of them joined the official Mozilla Italia Telegram channel: this demonstrates which maybe Telegram was used in the past for limited public but today it is used not only from us but from many other people too!

See you soon!

Do you see the stand in the photo? Try to imagine the same desk at the end of the day. 3d printed firefox logo

some random folks sign leading to our space cool swag

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