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September 6, 2022

RLJ 3 - The Jedi Comeback

Posted on September 6, 2022  •  10 minutes  • 2030 words
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Did you miss me? Me too. Me neither. It depends.

This is another issue of your favorite Journal, full of links, things to see, things to watch, and… let’s go!


Planning is the key. But I hate planning.

I wrote some months ago “I will have some spare time this summer. I’d like to plan some articles until the end of this year”.

Hehe, joking. When I started RLJ3 was in June, and I still had many things to do.


First things first: how am I doing? I’m pretty good.

I used to be burned out, and I was like “see you in September” for everything, but I’ve been on holiday and I’ve almost done everything I wanted to do, I am pretty good!

To be honest, I am worried about the future. Things in the world are not going very well, there are wars, there still is censorship, too many climate changes…


On life


Also known as “behind the scenes stuff”.

Feel free to read this part if you’re not technical and blame me in private, because you understand nothing.

Things I’ve found interesting:


Just approach this world by “just spending some € and see if I’m lucky”.

A big scratch card, but I’m having a lot of fun!

Long short story: I’ve bought an old Polaroid in very good condition for a few € and… it works!


Do you remember last time we talked about Monefy ? Well, my (and your) special solution is “MyExpenses”, available on F-Droid!

It is like Monefy but free and open source, you can pay for some special functionalities.

Can’t get enough of recommending it!

The End? Entertainment part 1

I was hungry like many people in the world of “things to see/play” and so on in these months.

I was ill in April, so I’ve decided to watch many tv shows and movies:

I don’t want to bore you, so I will stop here for now. Probably on another RLJ I will publish part two of the list, remind me by dropping an email and let me know if you have already watched one of those movies!

The end for sure!

This time I wasn’t joking. It’s true. Bye for now! I hope to write another article soon!

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