Dag / Curriculum Vitae

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2023 - presentMaster’s Degree in Computer Science
Topics: Machine Learning & AI, Biometrics Systems, Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers.

Work Experience

2023 - presentBackend Developer & Devops
Backend: Django, internal tools.
DevOps & infrastructure: Ansible and Zabbix
2022 - 2023Devops & Technical Support Engineer
Backend: Django, internal tools.
DevOps & infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible.
2018 - 2019Backend: PHP, internal tools.

Volounteering and Organizations

2020 - presentContributor of SSN
Contributor of Sapienza Students Network. In memory of the original Sapienza Students Organization, in the 2019.
2017 - presentCoderDojo SPQR
Junior Mentor: 2017
Senior Mentor: 2018 - present
2018 - 2023Mozilla Rep
Organizer: monthly meetings, events (Common Voice Sprint, Deepspeech Italian Contest, Common Voice Contest)
2016 - 2019ZeroRobotics
Member: s2016-2017
Leader: s2017-2018 and s2018-2019, team Nova Numen

Main Works

Here are my three top works, that I am proud of:

  • UniQuizzes custom implementation of JSQuizee, a simple JS engine for your quizzes (client-side only).
  • venerdibenessere.it website created to embrace the tranquillity of Friday, to mentally prepare people to weekend, in terms of work productivity.
  • drfx-django4 a framework for launching new Django Rest Framework projects quickly. Updated for Django 4.

All the projects I have done are listed in the projects page.