• RLJ3 Did you miss me? Me too. Me neither. It depends. This is another issue of your favorite Journal, full of links, things to see, things to watch, and… let’s go! Introduction Planning is the key. But I hate planning. I wrote some months ago “I will have some spare time this summer. I’d like to plan some articles until the end of this year”. Hehe, joking. When I started RLJ3 was in June, and I still had many things to do.
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  • Welcome back into another RLJ 2! It’s been a while since I did one of them, this time I’ve decided to structure it in a really different way: what I’ve done in the entire year couldn’t be summed up in an article. For this reason, I will leave a bag full of links, hoping to stimulate your curiosity. On life ⁉️ Dunning-Kruger effect The effect of a person believing themselves to be superior and putting themselves on the same level as an expert, even if they are not very experienced.
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  • It’s always a mess to start something you never did before; you could start in the right way, or in the wrong way, but the point is: you must start if you really want to do that thing. So here I am! Welcome to my “Random Learning super cool full of random stuff and things that barely could interest you but I will post them as well ah-ah it’s your problem now if you proceed reading Journal” series!
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