• I am a proud user of xfce4, it is my favorite DE: clean, highly customizable, and without too much fancy stuff. It does its job. However, I could save some time by having certain customization (zsh for example), and making it more beautiful looking: having a system which is eye-candy for eyes, at least this work for me, let me be more productive. Mac-look-a-like Mac: theming XFCE Ever dreamed about having a Mac?
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  • Hackintosh 2020 HP Envy m6 - Information In the past years, I had an occasion to see (and have for a few days) on an HP Envy m6 running MacOS. What’s not working in Hackintosh HP Envy m6? - ethernet card with just RTL file: you will need a special kext, since it is slightly different than the official one - keyboard and touchpad: you will need some kext in this folder - audio: see the post-install guide.
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